Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The Philadelphia Phillies has just won the 2008 World Series. WAY TO GO PHILLIES!!!! What an effort. Post your thoughts on the win...keep it civil and clean. :)

Time for the REAL truth

You saw the Obamercial. Now see John McCain's response. You won't hear any fluffy, cheesy statements. What you will see is McCain keeping his word and talking straight. McCain accepted federal campaign dollars while Obama broke his promise and refused the money, allowing unlimited private funds to smear and distort McCain through robocalls and slick 30-minute specials.

Evening Trio

Bloomberg: Fed Cuts Rate to 1% to Avert Prolonged Recession

AP: Obama effigy found on U. of Kentucky campus

Fox News: Effigy of Palin Hanging by Noose Is Distasteful, but Not a Hate Crime, Feds Say

Afternoon Trio

Dick Morris: Undecideds should break for McCain

AP: Fed is expected to cut interest rates again today

AP via Sporting News: QB switch doesn't surprise Kentucky's Hartline

Morning Trio

AP: Pakistani quake leaves 150 dead, 15,000 homeless

AP: Ky. legal experts mull reopening deadly 1977 fire

Sports Network: Doctor: Lute Olson suffered from stroke

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Study claims that there are more ads than news coverage in Kentucky's US Senate race

According to a study released by the University of Kentucky's Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, Lexington-area TV stations aired nearly $3 million in ads while giving viewers few stories about the hotly-contested US Senate race between incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat businessman Bruce Lunsford. (Hat tip: Pol Watchers, which stated that none of the Lexington-area news directors had any comment on the study.)

The study states that "[t]hrough Oct. 20, candidates bought 9,573 commercials for $2,393,347, and interest groups bought 1,475 for $519,305, for totals of 11,048 and $2,912,652. Most of the ads were 30 seconds long, but some of McConnell’s were 60 seconds. Even if all the ads had lasted 30 seconds each, the purchases would have amounted to 5,524 minutes of advertising, or just over 92 hours."

"From Sept. 1 through Oct. 20, on their regularly scheduled news programs, the four Lexington television stations aired 77 reports on the race, dealing with 26 news events or enterprise stories. Those reports consumed 44 minutes of broadcast time, a very small percentage of the 704 hours, minus commercial time, the stations devoted to news broadcasts during the initial study period. (The few news programs that were delayed because of sports broadcasts were not examined. Neither were WKYT news shows that appeared on the local CW affiliate when pre-empted by football games.)"

Click here to view the Institute's news release. Interestingly, the study stated that most Kentuckians do not read daily or weekly newspapers and rely more on television. However, as stated on this blog the past few months, the "mainstream" Old Media--including both over-the-air broadcast TV and newspapers--are in decline and more people are turning to alternative sources of news such as Fox News and the Internet, where there is more balance. Just today, Gannett, the owner of The Courier-Journal in Louisville, announced job cuts. The Christian Science Monitor announced that effective in April, it will no longer publish a daily version of its well-regarded paper and instead rely on the Internet and a weekly magazine.


Evening Trio

AP: McCain gains backing of Joe the Plumber

PC World: Microsoft Vows Windows 7 Will Fix Vista Mistakes

CBN: King Solomon's Copper Mine Discovered

Afternoon Trio

Dan Perrin: The Seven Reasons McCain-Palin Are a Lock to Win

Michael Malone: Media's Presidential Bias and Decline

Lexington Herald-Leader: Cobb decision right; special teams need change

What is going on at the Crystal Cathedral?

The world found out over the weekend that Robert A. Schuller has been removed from the Hour of Power by his father, Robert H. Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral, citing a lack of "shared vision." But why was there a lack of vision?

In his blog, evangelical Christian leader Albert Mohler quotes the L.A. Times in stating that the younger Schuller had focused his sermons on topics closer to evangelical Christianity--sin and the importance of the Bible, along with the usual self-esteem message that propagated from his pulpit. The elder Schuller focused more on self-esteem and less on the Word. Mohler states in his blog that the "gospel" of self-esteem, or possibility thinking, is contrary to the Word of God.

Galatians 1:9 (KJV) states "..if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." We are seeing the consequences of this at the Crystal Cathedral.

Your thoughts???

Morning Trio

AP: Skinhead plot news sweeps suspect's Tenn. hometown

AFP: Peace talks in doubt as Israel heads for snap elections

WYMT: Buckhorn Children's Center Gets $100,000 Boost

Friday, October 24, 2008

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IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Surge for McCain in poll

AP: Palin wants more funding for special-needs kids

FDIC: Georgia's Alpha Bank & Trust fails

Afternoon Trio

AP: Stevens jury sent home, deliberations halted

NY Times: A Senate Leader’s Pork-Barrel Punch (This article deals with what Sen. Mitch McConnell has brought to Kentucky through projects and improvements and how Lunsford is trying to stop McConnell's efforts.)

Appalachian News-Express: Coal mine death in Perry County under investigation

McCain launches new ad regarding Biden's "crisis" statement

Hat tip: The Weekly Standard, which has the script here.

Morning Trio

Voice of America: Georgia Says Russia Massing Troops in South Ossetia

CNET: Time to patch Windows again

Sports Network: Shields, Upton star as Rays draw even

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Developing: S&P slashes NY Times rating to junk

More proof that the Old Gray Lady's days are numbered:

Financial Times: S&P slashes NY Times rating to junk

By the way, the worst kept secret in politics was announced tonight: The NY Times is endorsing Obama.


World Series Open Thread

I am back home after another long day on the your thoughts about the World Series. Will Philly win Game 2? Or will it be the Rays? Keep it civil and clean.

From your humble blogger...

I will be out of town today....I will resume normal blogging late this afternoon or early this evening. Feel free to post comments or suggestions about the blog. Thanks for your continued loyalty.

Morning Trio

AP: AP presidential poll: Race tightens in final weeks

OneNewsNow: Is family still the backbone of America?

AP: Utley goes deep, helps Phillies beat Rays

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Google Finance: BREAKING: Dow drops 514

Voice of America: Al-Qaida Linked Militants Confirm Commander's Death in Iraq

AP: Favre denies giving Lions any info to use vs. Pack

BREAKING: Situation at Western Kentucky University

There have been early reports of shots fired at Western Kentucky University at Bowling Green. However, those reports may have been exaggerated. Here is the latest from the WKU website:

"The South Campus building on Nashville Road was evacuated earlier following reports that one or more persons were observed in the building with weapons. WKU Police, Bowling Green Police and State Police have conducted an extensive search of the building and the premises. At this time, the police have been unable to find any witnesses or evidence to support earlier reports that weapons were present.

"Following this, WKU PD received an unconfirmed report of shots fired in the vicinity of Pearce Ford Tower on the WKU main campus. Police have confirmed that there was a physical altercation not involving weapons between individuals that occurred in or near PFT, but the police are interviewing witnesses on the scene to determine if weapons were or are present, or if shots were fired.

"At this time, the campus emergency warning system has been activated. Students and employees have been advised to remain indoors, in secure areas, until an "all clear" is issued. We will provide additional information as it becomes available."

The campus newspaper is reporting one man was injured trying to break up the fight. PRAY for those on the WKU campus.

UPDATE at 4:27pm ET: Campus officials issued the "all-clear" and ended the lockdown. Four people are in custody for questioning. Classes have been canceled for the rest of the evening. A news conference will be held at 5pm ET (4pm CT).

Afternoon Trio

Drudge Report: Election Rejection: Network news slumps; viewership fades

CNET: T-Mobile delivers the G1 (aka Android) phone

Lexington Herald-Leader: Cats will be shorthanded on visit to The Swamp

Morning Trio

Voice of America: Coalition Air Strike Kills 9 Afghan Soldiers

Wall Street Journal: Gay Marriage in Peril in California

L.A. Times: Kentucky emerges as surprise Senate battleground

Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Times of London (UK): India must protect its Christians

Christian Science Monitor: A financial new world order?

Courier-Journal: UK defensive starter likely out for Florida

FLASH: Powell Endorses Obama

RINO (Republican in Name Only) Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama today on NBC's "Meet the Press." Powell stated that he would not want two conservative justices on the Supreme Court (Hat tip: Kentucky Progress). How can a man who honorably served his country endorse someone who would openly negotiate with our enemies?


Morning Trio

AP: Abducted 6-year-old boy found alive in Las Vegas

Lexington Herald-Leader: Wildcats show some Hartline: QB finds Cobb for two TDs in final 4:15 Red Sox, Rays roll a 7 in epic ALCS

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cats-Hogs Open Thread

Will the Lyons-less Cats beat the Razorbacks? Post your thoughts here. If you are wondering what a razorback is, Wikipedia has an article here. Shown above is a picture of a pair of razorbacks, also from Wikipedia.

Evening Trio

Fox News: Bush to Call World Summit to Address Economic Crisis

AP: Search continues for Nevada boy abducted from home

National Weather Service: Frost Advisory overnight, early Sunday morning for Eastern Kentucky

Morning Trio

AP: Southern drought creeping northward

OneNewsNow: Christian at church of beleaguered Pakistani pastor arrested

Courier-Journal: Preview: Arkansas at Kentucky

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evening Trio

Fox News: Obama and ACORN: Relationship May Be More Extensive Than Candidate Says

Wall Street Journal: Yahoo Shares Jump on Ballmer's Remarks

AP: Ex-Yankee Tom Tresh dies at 71

McCain's New Ads: UPDATED

John McCain has put out a new ad exposing Barack Obama's lack of experience:

UPDATE at 10:05am: McCain just released another new ad, entitled "Fight":

UPDATE at 4:33pm: Yet another new ad, this time about Joe the Plumber:

Your thoughts???

Afternoon Trio

AP via Fox News: Social Security Benefits to Rise 5.8 Percent Next Year

Courier-Journal: McConnell, Lunsford raise $25 million

Sports Network: Red October: Phils down Dodgers to win NL pennant

Morning Trio

AP: Ohio plumber becomes focus of debate

AP: Omar grows into Category 3 hurricane in Caribbean

University of Kentucky: Growing Local Economies Conference Set in Hazard

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Current Events Open Thread

I am finally back home after a busy day on the is also a busy news day as well. Another Dow crash, tonight's Presidential debate, health scares for Vice President Dick Cheney and former First Lady Nancy Reagan, and the divorce of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Post your thoughts about current events in the comments section. Keep it civil and clean. :)

On a Personal Note...

I am heading out of town today. I will return to blogging in time for the final Presidential debate between McCain and Obama.

If you have any comments about this blog, post them in the comments section. Thank you for your loyalty.

Morning Trio

Wall Street Journal: McCain Puts New Tax Cuts on the Table

CBC: Canada's Harper handed strengthened minority government

Courier-Journal: Kentucky Space's rocket is launched

Monday, October 13, 2008

Evening Trio

Google Finance: BREAKING: Dow soars 936 points in biggest one-day gain ever

NY Times: Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee

Lexington Herald-Leader: WKYT's Chris Bailey returns ... sort of

FLASH: UK WR Dicky Lyons Jr. out for season

The Courier-Journal is reporting that Dicky Lyons Jr., wide receiver for the UK Wildcats, is out for the rest of the season due to a torn MCL and PCL and will require surgery. This is a HUGE blow to the Cats. Your thoughts???

Afternoon Trio

AP: US moves to get rescue plan started; stocks rise

Voice of America: Critics of US-North Korea Nuclear Deal Say US Concedes Too Much

Courier-Journal: Developing: Derby winner Big Brown out of Breeders’ Cup

Morning Trio

AFP: India's Christians welcome pope's condemnation of violence

AP: All is forgiven; McCain returning to Letterman

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: LaGrange (GA) LB Merritt will commit to Kentucky

Friday, October 10, 2008

BREAKING: Will GM and Chrysler Merge???

Could the Big Three become the Big Two? The New York Times is reporting that GM and Chrysler are in "preliminary talks" regarding a merger.

NY Times: G.M. and Chrysler Explore Merger

Your thoughts???

Red Alert: The G-7 -- Geopolitics, Politics and the Financial Crisis


The finance ministers of the G-7 countries are meeting in Washington. The first announcements on the meetings will come this weekend. It is not too extreme to say that the outcome of these meetings could redefine how the financial markets work, certainly for months and perhaps for a generation. The Americans are arguing that the regime of intervention and bailouts be allowed to continue. Others, like the British, are arguing for what in effect would be the nationalization of financial markets on a global scale. It is not clear what will be decided, but it is clear that this meeting matters.

The meetings will extend through the weekend to include members of the G-20 countries, which together account for about 90 percent of the global economy. This meeting was called because previous steps have not freed up lending between financial institutions, and the financial problem has increasingly become an economic one, affecting production and consumption in the global economy. The political leadership of these countries is under extreme pressure from the public to do something to solve — or at least alleviate — the problem.

Underlying this political pressure is a sense that the financial class, people who run global financial institutions, have failed to behave responsibly and effectively, and have therefore lost their legitimacy. The expectation, reasonable or not, is that the political system will now supplant these managers and impose at least a temporary solution. The finance ministers therefore have a political mandate, almost global in scope, to act decisively. The question is what they will do?

That question then divides further into two parts. The first is whether they will try to craft a single, global, integrated solution. The second is the degree to which they will take control of the financial system — and inter-financial institution lending in particular. (A primary reason for the credit crunch is that banks are currently afraid to lend — even to each other.) Thus far, attempts at solutions on the whole have been national rather than international. In addition, they have been built around incentivizing certain action and increasing the available money in the system.

So far, this hasn’t worked. The first problem is that financial institutions have not increased interbank lending significantly because they are concerned about the unknowns in the borrower’s balance sheet, and about the borrowers’ ability to repay the loans. With even large institutions failing, the fear is that other institutions will fail, but since the identity of the ones that will fail is unknown, lending on any terms — with or without government money — is imprudent. There is more lending to non-financial corporations than to financial ones because fewer unknowns are involved. Therefore, in the United States, infusions and promises of infusion of funds have not solved the basic problem: the uncertain solvency of the borrower.

The second problem is the international character of the crisis. An example from the Icelandic meltdown is relevant. The government of Iceland promised to repay Icelandic depositors in the island country’s failed banks. They did not extend the guarantee to non-Icelandic depositors. Partly they simply didn’t have the cash, but partly the view has been that taking care of one’s own takes priority. Countries do not want to bail out foreigners, and different governments do not want to assume the liabilities of other nations. The nature of political solutions is always that politicians respond to their own constituencies, not to people who can’t vote for them.

This weekend some basic decisions have to be made. The first is whether to give the bailouts time to work, to increase the packages or to accept that they have failed and move to the next step. The next step is for governments and central banks to take over decision making from financial institutions, and cause them to lend. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is to guarantee the loans made between financial institutions so that solvency is not an issue and risk is eliminated. The second is to directly take over the lending process, with the state dictating how much is lent to whom. In a real sense, the distinction between the two is not as significant as it appears. The market is abolished and wealth is distributed through mechanisms created by the state, with risk eliminated from the system, or more precisely, transferred from the lender to the taxing authority of the state.

The more complex issue is how to manage this on an international scale. For example, American banks lend to European banks. If the United States comes up with a plan which guarantees loans to U.S. banks but not European banks, and Europeans lend to Europe and not the United States, the integration of the global economy will very quickly shatter, leading to significant limitations on international trade, currency convertibility and so on. You will nationalize economies that can’t stand being purely national.

At the same time, there is no global mechanism for managing radical solutions. In taking over lending or guarantees, the administrative structure is everything. Managing the interbank-lending of the global economy is something for which there is no institution. And even with coordination, finance ministries and central banks would find it difficult to bear the burden — not to mention managing the system’s Herculean size and labyrinthine complexity. But if the G-7 in effect nationalize global financial systems and do it without international understandings and coordination, the consequences will be immediate and serious.

The G-7 is looking hard for a solution that will not require this level of intrusion, both because they don’t want to abolish markets even temporarily, and more important, because they have no idea how to manage this on a global scale. They very much want to have the problem solved with liquidity injections and bailouts. Their inclination is to give the current regime some more time. The problem is that the global equity markets are destroying value at extremely high rates and declines are approaching historic levels.

In other words, a crisis in the financial system is becoming an economic problem — and that means public pressure will surge, not decline. Therefore, it is plausible that they might choose to ask for what FDR did in 1933, a bank holiday, which in this case would be the suspension of trading on equity markets globally for several days while administrative solutions are reached. We have no information whatsoever that they are thinking of this, but in starting to grapple with a problem of this magnitude — and searching for solutions on this scale — it is totally understandable that they might like to buy some time.

It is not clear what they will decide. Fundamental issues to watch for are whether they move from manipulating markets through government intrusions that leave the markets fundamentally free, or do they abandon free markets at least temporarily.

Another such issue is whether they can find a way to do this globally or whether it will be done nationally. If they do go international and suspending markets, the question is how they will unwind this situation. It will be easier to start this than to end it and state-controlled markets are usually not very attractive in the long run. But then again, neither is where we are now.

Evening Trio

Baptist Press: Connecticut Supreme Court legalizes 'gay marriage'

MarketWatch: Crude futures drop 17% for the week Phillies' Manuel's mom passes away

McCain airs new Internet ad on Obama's ties to ACORN

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, which has the script here.

Afternoon Trio

Voice of America: Bush Attempts to Reassure Americans as G-7 Finance Ministers Gather in Washington

Bloomberg: Crude Oil Drops Below $80 as Equities Slump on Credit Freeze

Sports Network: Phils try to go two up on Dodgers in NLCS

Morning Trio

Washington Times: Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal

Bloomberg: Wells Fargo's $12 Billion Bid Beats Citi to Wachovia

AP: Some schools off to early start of hoops practice

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Evening Trio

Google Finance: BREAKING: Dow falls below 8600

NewsBusters: Time Tries to Gin Up 'Pentecostal Problem' for Palin

AP via Southeast Missouri fires AD, puts coach on leave

Report: Obama buys half-hour of network primetime--The Live Feed

I had a hunch that Obama would go to his Big Media buddies and ask for a block of airtime:

The Live Feed blog: Obama buys half-hour of network primetime

Your thoughts???

Afternoon Trio

Voice of America: South Korea Says North to Test Fire More Missiles

Wall Street Journal: Jobless Claims Drop in Latest Week

U.S. News and World Report: Maxing Out the National Debt Clock

Former WKYT reporter claims age discrimination in lawsuit

Former WKYT reporter Jerry Sander (shown in above picture) has filed a federal lawsuit against WKYT alleging that he was fired because of his age. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, his attorneys claim that Robert Thomas, WKYT's news director, “singled Mr. Sander out in front of the news team by frequently berating him and criticizing his story ideas.” Sander also claims that WKYT is “is systematically eliminating older employees on account of their ages.”
General manager Wayne Martin issued a statement stating that Sander resigned, not fired, in February. Martin also claimed that Sander was given the option of staying with the station or resign. Sander claimed that he later told Martin he wanted to come back to work but was told not to because Martin claimed it was "a business decision." Click here to read the full story from the Herald-Leader. The comments there are just as interesting as the story.

Morning Trio

Voice of America: Bomb Blast Hits Police Building in Pakistan's Capital

AP: Man charged in Tenn. mall shooting that killed 1

AP: Movie tells tale of a young Billy Graham

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd Presidential Debate Open Thread

The second Presidential debate between McCain and Obama is your thoughts. Keep it civil and clean.

Business Programs To Expand At ALC

While other schools are cutting back on programs in these tough times, my alma mater is expanding its business offerings. Click below to read more:

WKYT: Business Programs To Expand At Alice Lloyd College

Evening Trio

Bloomberg: Bernanke Signals Fed May Cut Rates as Crisis Deepens

Christian Post: Dobson Gives Green Light to GOP Ticket Ahead of Debate

AP: `Mail Goggles' might prevent e-mail regrets

Afternoon Trio

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Stocks Seesaw on Fed Move

Courier-Journal: Mother, 2 children found dead in Louisville

AP: Misty May-Treanor out of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Morning Trio

AP: Second debate is in McCain's favorite style

OneNewsNow: 48 liberal lies about American history

AFP: Up to 40 injured in Qantas mid-air jet 'upset'

Friday, October 3, 2008

Evening Trio

Albert Mohler: Are We Promised Prosperity?

Voice of America: US Says North Korea Continues Steps to Restart Nuclear Program

AP via Sporting News: Wildcats aim for upset against No. 2 Tide


The US House has passed the bailout by a vote of 263-171. Even though I did not like the bailout, I'll have to live with it. Here is how Kentucky's congressmen voted (Click here to see the full yeas and nays):


2nd District: Ron Lewis (R)
3rd District: John Yarmuth (D; voted against original version on Monday)
5th District: Hal Rogers (R)


1st District: Ed Whitfield (R)
4th District: Geoff Davis (R)
6th District: Ben Chandler (D)

Afternoon Trio

Fox News: Palin Performance Helps McCain Regain Political Footing

Wall Street Journal: Wells Fargo to Buy Wachovia

The Economist: Digital-music sales are rising

Morning Trio

Washington Post: Ohio Court Rules for McCain-Palin on Absentee Ballots

AP: Crews to continue scouring Fossett crash site

Sports Network: Martin, Dodgers bury Cubs to take commanding series lead

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veep Debate Open Thread

Post your thoughts on what some experts say could be the most-watched Vice-Presidential debate ever. As always, keep it civil and clean.

10:38pm ET: Quick post-debate analysis: Clear debate winner: Sarah Palin. She delivered several knockout blows. I believe that Joe Biden's days as a running mate of Obama may be numbered. The presidential race is definitely NOT over.

Rasmussen: McCain leads by 10 in Kentucky

Rasmussen Reports just released the new Kentucky poll numbers for the presidential race:

McCain: 52%
Obama: 42%

According to Rasmussen, "Obama leads McCain 49% to 40% among unaffiliated voters in Kentucky, but McCain picks up 28% of Democrats in the state and leads by nineteen points among white voters in Kentucky. Obama is overwhelmingly supported by black voters, 98% to 2%...Though his party has been criticized in the midst of the current economic crisis, McCain is still trusted more than Obama by Kentucky voters when it comes to the economy by a 49% to 42% margin...Just 8% of Kentucky voters give the economy good or excellent ratings, while 58% rate it as poor. Additionally, just 4% say the economy is getting better, while 84% believe it is only getting worse."


Evening Trio

Google Finance: BREAKING: Dow closes down almost 350 points

Bloomberg: Lawmakers Switching Sides to Support Financial-Rescue Package

Gospel for Asia: Three More Christians Killed in Orissa

Rasmussen: McConnell leads Lunsford by 9 points

So much for The Courier-Journal's silly sampling method. The new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Senator Mitch McConnell has a nine-point lead over Democrat Bruce Lunsford. In addition, Rasmussen now says that McConnell has a 70% chance of re-election.

The same Rasmussen poll also shows that only 37% of Kentuckians approve of Governor Steve Beshear's job performance, compared to 60% in the Courier-Journal's misweighted poll. Rasmussen will release the presidential numbers at 5pm ET today. I expect McCain to maintain his sizable lead over Obama here in Kentucky.

Your thoughts?

Afternoon Trio

AP: Sheriff: Search teams find Fossett wreckage

WJLA (Washington, DC): GOP Assails Kaine on Virginia State Police Chaplain Prayer Policy

Wall Street Journal: Kentucky Horse Race: McConnell's Rival Pulls Even

Morning Trio

L.A. Times: Metrolink engineer sent text message moments before fatal crash

AP: Lawsuits likely over NYC mayor's bid for 3rd term

ABC News: MD Recruits Face Culture Shock in Appalachia

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monster Bailout Vote LIVE Blogging

The Senate is about to vote on the monster your thoughts.

9:07pm: The vote begins.

9:21pm: 74-25 in favor of the monster bailout. While I personally oppose a bailout, I believe that something needs to be done to fix the economy.

9:25: The previous vote was on the Dodd Amendment. The vote right now is on final passage.

9:39: Looks like they will have enough votes to pass the final bill.

Evening Trio

WYMT: Kentucky Senate President Williams demands apology from Mongiardo

National Post (Canada): Canadian MP under fire for views linking foreign aid to Christianity

Fox News: Hurricane Experts Predict Three Big Storms for October

Afternoon Trio

WorldNetDaily: VP debate moderator Ifill releasing pro-Obama book

MarketWatch: Senate to vote Wednesday on rescue package

CBN News: Hindu State: Purging Christians from Orissa

Please stand by...

I am experiencing issues with my internet connection this morning. My ISP (TVS Cable) has been doing maintenance on their fiber optic lines for much of the overnight and morning hours. I hope to get to full speed soon.