Sunday, April 27, 2008

RNC wants Dems to stop smearing McCain

The Republican National Committee and its chair, Mike Duncan, has issued an statement demanding the Democratic National Committee to stop airing specific ads against John McCain. According to the statement, the Republican Party of Virginia has filed a complaint late Friday with the Federal Election Commission. The complaint stems from an ad attacking John McCain's policy on Iraq. It states that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama helped the DNC with the ad. This ad is illegal because ads sponsored by political parties during a primary season are not supposed to be endorsed by a candidate. A similar ad started running this morning. The statement also says:

  • "As such, since the advertisement exceeds the $5,000 contribution limit, the DNC ad violates federal election law because it is an excessive in-kind contribution from the national committee to its presidential candidates within the restricted window of time."

Click here to view the full statement at The Page political blog.

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