Friday, April 25, 2008

A return to the "Smoke-Filled Room?"

The Drudge Report has highlighted a link to an April 10, 1992 New York Times story about superdelegates who were doubtful about the chances of then-candidate Bill Clinton taking the nomination.

This year, the superdelegates are a key player. If no candidate gets the number of superdelegates required, the Democratic Convention in Denver would actually mean something for the first time in decades. The concept of superdelegates was the DNC's idea. The idea could backfire if a battle for the nomination continues in Denver, bringing back the concept of the "smoke-filled room." In the old days, the "smoke-filled rooms" were filled with party bigwigs who would hand-pick a nominee after serious discussion (and a whole lot of cigarette smoke). That could very well lead to a win in November for John McCain.

Your thoughts on this are welcome. Keep it clean...and smoke-free. ;)

UPDATE at 6pmET: Newsmax and AP are reporting that the DNC will be holding a hearing on May 31 to consider a plan to allow half-delegates from Florida and Michigan.

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