Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary--UPDATED throughout the night

Matt Drudge is reporting the leaked (?) exit poll data as of 5pm:

Clinton 52, Obama 48

Over the weekend, opinion polls showed a surge for Hillary Clinton. I believe Hillary will win Pennsylvania...but it is a matter of how much.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE at 8:02pm ET: Fox and CNN proclaim the race "too close to call," citing exit polling. More to come...

UPDATE at 8:45pm: Fox calls the race for Hillary Clinton. More to come.

UPDATE at 8:54pm: ABC calls it for Hillary.

UPDATE at 9:03pm: CNN has yet to call it for Hillary...TVs at Clinton HQ in Philly are tuned to CNN and are unaware of the other nets' calls.

UPDATE at 9:05pm: CNN finally calls it.

UPDATE at 9:41pm: Terry McAuliffe, head of the Clinton campaign recognized Fox as the first to call the race for Hillary.

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