Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Low Will Bill Maher and HBO Go?

The atheist comedian Bill Maher is at it again. This time, on an episode of his "Real Time" program on HBO, he smeared Pope Benedict XVI. Maher claimed that the Pope was a leader of a "child-abusing religious cult." He also compared the Roman Catholic Church to the polygamist FLDS church and also claimed that Pope Benedict used to be a Nazi, which is false.

Kristen Fyfe has a great analysis of this senseless smear campaign here.

I am a strong evangelical Christian. Pope Benedict XVI has been a champion of the unborn and a champion of Christian values. ALL Christians--Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and others--must stand up for the Word of God and stand up against the culture of hate that is propagated by Hollywood.

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  1. Sign the petition to Fire Bill Maher at FireBillMaher.com