Monday, April 28, 2008

Faith Under Fire: India

Last night, we began our "Faith Under Fire" series with the plight of Christians in Indonesia. Today, we examine the plight of Christians in the Indian state of Gujarat. Compass Direct News is reporting that the pro-Hindu ruling party in that state is implementing an anti-conversion law against Christians.

Compass Direct states:

  • "India’s Freedom of Religion Acts, referred to as anti-conversion laws, are supposed to curb religious conversions made by “force,” “fraud” or “allurement.” But Christians and [human] rights groups say that in reality the laws obstruct conversion generally, as Hindu nationalists invoke them to harass Christian workers with spurious arrests and incarcerations."

And you thought India is a democracy??? Click here for the full story. Pray for the Christians in India and in other nations in which they face persecution.

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