Wednesday, May 27, 2009


PRAY for my dad, who is in the Whitesburg hospital with pneumonia. I will update when necessary.

UPDATE at 4:44pm: Update on Dad: He is still in ER on oxygen. Doctors now saying that they are not sure if it is really pneumonia. More updates as soon as I can receive them.

UPDATE at 9:51pm: Dad has pneumonia and will remain in the hospital through the weekend. Continue to PRAY for him.

UPDATE on Sunday at 11:44am: Just came back from seeing Dad. He will remain in hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday. Lungs are better, but there are kidney issues. PRAY.

UPDATE on Wednesday at 8:11am: Praise God...Dad is coming home from the hospital. More details soon.

UPDATE on Wednesday at 1:04pm: Dad is finally home...still having some stomach issues, but is well enough to be out of the hospital. Continue to PRAY for his recovery.

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