Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a Day...Severe Weather, Outages, and other Random Thoughts

It has been a very interesting day for your humble blogger. First there was a cable TV and Internet outage that affected my hometown of Isom. It was fully restored around 4:15 or so. Then came the storms. While we did not get damage from the line of storms,that tore through Eastern Kentucky, 10,387 customers of Kentucky Power do not have electricity still do not have power at the time of this blog posting. There are reports of trees down across the region. All watches and warnings for Kentucky have expired or cancelled.

Couple of random thoughts: I believe McCain will name a running mate soon. While I believe it could be this week, I would not be surprised that he puts the announcement off until next week. I also predict that the readership and viewership of traditional national news organizations will go down further as they continue their love affair with Barack Obama. I recently heard someone saying that Obama has three new press secretaries: Brian Williams, Charles Gibson, and Katie Couric.

Those are my thoughts...what are your thoughts???

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