Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Madness is here...

Three teams from the Commonwealth of Kentucky will be in the NCAA tourney: Kentucky (number 1 seed in the East region), Louisville (number 9 seed in the South), and Murray State (number 13 seed in the West). Here are the matchups for the 1st round:

  • East: 1) Kentucky vs. 16) East Tennessee State on Thursday in New Orleans
  • West: 4) Vanderbilt vs. 13) Murray State on Thursday in San Jose
  • South: 8) California vs. 9) Louisville on Friday in Jacksonville
Times for these games will be announced soon. The Madness is playing out in the political world as well. Today, Kentucky Secretary of State and GOP US Senate candidate Trey Grayson released an ad stating that his primary opponent, eye surgeon Rand Paul, son of 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul, is a Duke fan. Grayson explains that he is a True Blue UK fan. See the ad below:

Your thoughts??

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