Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I would like to thank all of you who have viewed or commented on my blog. I started this blog in April and this has been a great ride. I would like to look back at three events that defined 2008:

  • The economy: The collapse of the subprime housing market led to the deepest recession in decades. I believe that if the economy were not in a deep recession, then John McCain may have been elected president. Notice that I stressed may because there were a whole lot of other factors that would have swung the election either way.
  • Terrorism: While the surge saved American soldiers' lives in Iraq, the war on terror continues. Radical Islamists bombed hotels in Mumbai while Hamas terrorized Israel with rockets, prompting Israel to go to war in Gaza. On the home front, leftists like Cynthia McKinney and others continue to support terror groups by speaking out against the PATRIOT Act.
  • The decline of Old Media: Major media firms were in financial trouble in 2008, especially NBC and the New York Times, both of which, as documented in this blog this year, have criticized America in their "news" coverage. Broadcast TV networks are losing viewers to cable and the internet. Another reason for the lack of viewership: the continued lack of decency in prime-time and late night TV. As I mentioned in this blog this year, Bill Maher's bigoted comments toward Catholics represented the huge amount of indecency on television in 2008.

Here are my three things to watch for in 2009:

  • The battle for the traditional family. While voters in California, Arizona, and Florida approve measures banning homosexual marriage, the incoming Obama administration could pack the Supreme Court with anti-family, pro-abortion justices if vacancies open up due to retirement or other reasons. Since justices are appointed for life, expect any decisions by an Obama-influenced court to have an impact for decades. This is one reason why we need our leaders to stand up for traditional American values.
  • Iran. With the war in Gaza comes more anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and anti-American sentiment from Iran. Iran continues to build nukes and sending weapons to Hezbollah and other groups. The big question: will Iran's quest for nukes stop with a bombing raid on its reactors? If so, by whom? If Israel does not bomb Iran, then the US will. If not the US, then Israel. I believe there will be some sort of action against Iran in 2009, though I am not sure if it will be a military action or a coup against the current regime.
  • The DTV transition. On February 17, 2009, all analog full-power television broadcasting will stop and the digital era will begin. There are still many questions about the transition: Will cable systems be completely ready by February 17? How many viewers will broadcasters lose due to the transition? Will the $40 government coupons be effective in preparing antenna-only households for the transition? One thing will be certain: The digital transition will be crucial to the future of broadcasting.

2009 will be an adventure. I hope and pray you will join me as we blaze new trails here on this blog. Regular blogging will resume Friday. See ya next year and God bless. :)

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