Sunday, November 16, 2008


Pray for my sister Peggy Caudill, who is in the hospital. I will post updates as soon as they are available.

UPDATE at 1:15pm ET: Peggy will continue to be in the hospital another night for observation. I will post more about her condition later today.

UPDATE at 4:56pm ET: Peggy is hoping to leave the hospital tomorrow. Here is the reason for the hospitalization: pain in the pancreas. Earlier in the week, doctors discovered a mass or tumor in the pancreas. Tests will be done on Monday to determine if it is cancerous. PRAY for her to be healed. I will post more when there are any new developments.

UPDATE on Saturday at 1:09pm ET: Peggy is feeling much better...however, she will be in the hospital for one more night. Hopefully she will be home tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

UPDATE on Sunday at 1:04pm ET: Peggy will be out of the hospital later today. I am very thankful for your prayers.

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