Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night 2008

This is the night I have been waiting a looong time for...

5:19pm ET: We are less than an hour away from the polls closing in the Eastern Time Zone portions of Kentucky and Indiana. I will post results from my home base of Letcher County throughout the night as well. While Letcher County is predominantly Democratic, it is a conservative county. Bush took Letcher County in 2004, the first time in a long time that Letcher County voted for a Republican for President. It will be very interesting how a conservative county can view a very liberal Barack Obama.

5:27pm ET: Drudge is splashing this headline: SENATE SOURCES: DEMS SEE 58 SEATS

5:34pm ET: Don't be fooled by exit polls the networks are broadcasting this early. They have a history of being skewered toward the Democrats. FoxNews.com is reporting that a federal judge has ordered the Commonwealth of Virginia to preserve late military ballots. The McCain camp had sued for those ballots to be counted.

5:52pm ET: Drudge is reporting that exit polls in Pennsylvania are showing that Obama is up by 15. Again, I do not trust early exit polls. Pennsylvania's polls close at 8pm ET.

6:03pm ET: Polls just closed in the Eastern Time Zone portions of Kentucky and Indiana. Here in Kentucky, those still in line at 6pm will be able to vote. All those who come in line after 6 will not be able to vote.

6:11pm ET: Already four precincts are in here in Kentucky. McCain leads 64% to Obama's 34%.
Click here for the statewide election returns from the State Board of Elections.

6:18pm ET: John McCain, Bruce Lunsford, and Hal Rogers win the absentee vote here in Letcher County.

6:36pm ET: Two precincts here in letcher County have turned in their votes.

6:50pm: You may think that McCain and Obama are neck and neck here in Kentucky, but most of Obama's votes thus far are in Democrat-dominated Louisville.

6:54pm ET: With 11 out of 32 precincts in here in Letcher County, McCain is crushing Obama.

7:01pm ET: Fox calls Kentucky for McCain, Vermont for Obama.

7:11pm ET: Mark Warner has defeated Jim Gilmore for the US Senate in Virginia, thus giving the Dems a seat.

7:31pm ET: McCain wins West Virginia

7:35pm: Hal Rogers and Geoff Davis keep their US House seats here in Kentucky.

7:37pm: With 29 of Letcher County's 32 precincts reporting, John McCain is poised to keep Letcher County red.

7:49pm: CBS has called South Carolina for McCain.

7:55pm: Incumbent John Yarmuth has defeated Anne Northup for Louisville's US House seat.

8:03pm: McCain wins Oklahoma; Obama takes Illinois, DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut.

8:06pm: McCain wins Tennessee. Here in Letcher County, McCain, Lunsford, and Rogers won their respective races.

8:09pm: Fox has called McConnell the winner in the US Senate race here in Kentucky.

8:13pm: NBC has called Pennsylvania for Obama. Fox has called New Hampshire for Obama.

8:31pm: Fox has now called Pennsylvania for Obama and Arkansas for McCain.

8:39pm: Fox has called Georgia for McCain.

8:50pm: McCain wins Alabama.

9:06pm: Michigan, Minnesota, New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Wisconsin for Obama; McCain wins North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas.

9:19pm: Ugh...Fox has called Ohio for Obama.

9:32pm: McCain campaign disputes projections that Obama won Pennsylvania. Nets stand by their projection.

9:34pm: McCain wins Louisiana.

9:57pm: It appears that Ed Whitfield will maintain his seat in Congress, defeating Democrat Heather Ryan in Western Kentucky's 1st District. Brett Guthrie is leading in the 2nd. Yarmuth, Davis, Rogers, and Chandler are heading toward victory.

10pm: Texas, Utah for McCain; Iowa for Obama

10:03pm: McConnell is making his victory speech right now.

10:17pm: Lunsford is now giving his concession speech. On a non-political note, there will be NO SCHOOL for the Letcher County School System tomorrow due to the Whitesburg water crisis. The Lexington Herald-Leader has more on the situation here.

10:18pm: Mississippi stays red--Fox projects McCain will take The Magnolia State.

10:23pm: Courier-Journal calls Kentucky's 2nd District congressional race for Brett Guthrie. The balance of power for Kentucky's US House delegation remains the same--four Republicans, two Democrats. Fox calls Nebraska for McCain.

10:35pm: Christian blogger Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has an excellent post about what Christians must think regarding our leaders, especially our next President.

10:43pm: Fox calls Virginia for Obama. First time since 1964 that Virginia has gone for a Democratic nominee for President.

10:54pm: AP joins Fox in calling Virginia for Obama. It appears that history will be made at 11pm.

10:57: McCain wins South Dakota.


11:13pm: Good news for the GOP: Looks like the Dems will fall short of a filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate.

11:16pm: The AP is reporting that McCain has called Obama to congratulate him on winning the Presidency.

11:18pm: Fox News' electoral count: Obama 297, McCain 155. Few states have yet to be called. The McCains are about to speak.

11:19pm: McCain has conceded the race.

11:42pm: What a great speech by McCain. On a personal note, while I am strongly disappointed with the outcome, as a Christian, I will pray for Obama and Biden, their families, and their future Cabinet. In addition, I pray that their hearts would realize the importance of the least among us--especially the unborn and the elderly. I also pray that they would realize the importance of God's Word and the role of Israel. I also am praying for McCain, Palin, Bush and Cheney and their families as they look forward to the future.

As I wind down my thread, you can look at the Google election map at the bottom of the blog. Thanks for hanging around. God bless all of you and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

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