Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve Thoughts

As we approach the end of the longest political campaign in human history, some perspective:

1) In the election season of 1980, virtually all polls indicated that the race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan was too close to call. Reagan eventually won in a landslide. The December 1, 1980 issue of Time explains this further. Think about this when you hear these polls which indicate that Obama is leading despite the fact that McCain is closing in and there is a sizable number of undecideds. (On a sad note, Obama's grandmother died in Hawaii today. My prayers go out to Obama's family.)

2) With that in mind, I believe that McCain can and will win. This is because of the reasons above, as well as the revelation that Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry--which will not play well in battleground Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio--and tonight's announcement by Alaskan investigators that Sarah Palin did not break any ethics laws in the "Troopergate" investigation.

3) How many electoral votes and states will McCain win? I am not sure, but Pennsylvania is the key to a McCain victory. While Gore and Kerry won the vote in 2000 and 2004, respectively, Bush won the most counties. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are traditional Democratic strongholds while central and northern portions of the state are solidly Republican. Another thing to watch is the US House race between John Murtha (D) and Bill Russell (R). Murtha called the people of his Western Pennsylvania district "racist" and "redneck" last month. Those comments, plus Obama's comments about coal, could swing the state in McCain's favor.

4) There are constitutional amendments on the ballot in California, Arizona, and Florida to define marriage as that of one man and one woman. While the Left and Hollywood are spending millions to defeat the measures, the tide is turning in favor of the amendments. I hope and pray that those measures pass. The traditional family is the cornerstone of Western Civilization.

5) Our men and women in uniform are serving overseas defending America's freedoms. It was announced today that a member of the Kentucky National Guard gave his life in defense of freedom. Remember those who have served--and those serving now--when you vote. NEVER take your vote for granted.

6) On a non-political note, PRAY for those affected by the water crisis here in Letcher County. The Whitesburg water system was contaminated by leaking petroleum over the weekend and the water is unsafe. Bottled water is being brought in. WYMT has coverage here. Thankfully I am not affected by the crisis because I have well water.

I will have an Election Night open thread and will have breaking news throughout the day if needed. Post your thoughts...keep it civil and clean.

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