Thursday, October 9, 2008

Former WKYT reporter claims age discrimination in lawsuit

Former WKYT reporter Jerry Sander (shown in above picture) has filed a federal lawsuit against WKYT alleging that he was fired because of his age. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, his attorneys claim that Robert Thomas, WKYT's news director, “singled Mr. Sander out in front of the news team by frequently berating him and criticizing his story ideas.” Sander also claims that WKYT is “is systematically eliminating older employees on account of their ages.”
General manager Wayne Martin issued a statement stating that Sander resigned, not fired, in February. Martin also claimed that Sander was given the option of staying with the station or resign. Sander claimed that he later told Martin he wanted to come back to work but was told not to because Martin claimed it was "a business decision." Click here to read the full story from the Herald-Leader. The comments there are just as interesting as the story.

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