Friday, September 12, 2008

BREAKING: Gov. Beshear declares state of emergency

From The Courier-Journal:

"Gov. Steve Beshear today declared a state of emergency for the state aimed at preventing gasoline price gouging. The order was issued as prices rose overnight in parts of the state ahead of Hurricane Ike hitting the Texas coast. The order empowers the state attorney general to investigate and prosecute those who sell gasoline and other goods for a predatory price during a time of disaster. The order prohibits [the sale of] gasoline and other goods or services at "a price grossly in excess of the price prior" [to] the emergency declaration."

This marks the first time since Hurricane Katrina that such an emergency was declared. Here in Letcher County, a gallon of regular self-serve unleaded gas sold yesterday morning at $3.69, then rose later that day to $3.79, then rose to $3.99 by mid-morning today. Hopefully this declaration will bring prices down, but we'll see.

Your thoughts???

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