Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BREAKING: Kim Jong Il may have suffered stroke

From the AP via Fox News:

U.S. officials think North Korea's unpredictable dictator may have suffered a stroke. A U.S. intelligence official says there is reason to believe Kim Jong Il is sick after he failed to show up at a North Korean national celebration on Tuesday. That official and another U.S. source spoke on condition of anonymity to describe sensitive intelligence gathering. Kim has not been seen in public for a month and U.S. officials were closely watching Tuesday's military parade for signs to the leader's health.

North Koreans call Kim the "Dear Leader" and he holds absolute power in the Stalinist regime. The centerpiece of the celebration had been expected to be a massive military parade through Pyongyang's central Kim Il Sung Square — named after the communist country's founding figure — as normally happens in key anniversary years.

Click here to read the full story. Could this be the beginning of the end for the Communist regime in North Korea? Post your thoughts.

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