Thursday, August 14, 2008

Report: Evangelist Todd Bentley, Wife File for Separation

From The Ledger, Lakeland, FL:

"Evangelist Todd Bentley, who led a Pentecostal revival in Lakeland from a modest beginning to near-historic proportions, has filed for separation from his wife, a former spokesperson said Monday, and will not return to the ongoing revival.

"Lynne Breidenbach, a local woman who had been a media liaison for Bentley during the months-long Florida Outpouring Revival, told The Ledger that Bentley announced to his staff Monday afternoon that he and his wife, Shonnah, had separated. The Bentleys have two daughters and a son, and are Canadian citizens. Under Canadian law, separation is a preliminary step in divorce proceedings, lasting nine months. Breidenbach, who resigned as revival spokesperson Monday, called the news of the separation "very sad." "God uses fallen, flawed people. ... This doesn't invalidate what Todd did," she said.

"The revival began April 2 at Ignited Church in Lakeland. Bentley announced two weeks ago that he would end his regular appearances at the revival on Aug. 23 to resume his traveling evangelistic work, but he was scheduled to lead services next week. The Rev. Stephen Strader, pastor of Ignited Church, said Tuesday that he was informed three weeks ago that Bentley and his wife had been undergoing marriage counseling for a few years...Bentley's Fresh Fire Ministries Web site indicates that a September appearance by Bentley in England has been postponed. Phone calls to Fresh Fire Ministries in Abbotsford, British Columbia, were not returned Tuesday."

Click here to read the full article. Many evangelicals, including myself, have been skeptical from day one about this "revival" and its purported "healings." Bentley was seen on tape kneeing someone who wanted to be healed. That is not an example of "pure religion" mentioned in James 1:27 in the New Testament.

Your thoughts???

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