Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tropical Depression Gustav FINAL UPDATE

Tropical Depression Gustav has weakened further with winds of 25 mph. The National Hurricane Center issued its final advisory this morning at 11am ET. The eyewall made landfall near the town of Cocodrie, Louisiana at 10:30am ET yesterday. Eight people have been killed in the US as a result of the storm. The biggest threat now is flash flooding and tornadoes. People are asked not to return to many affected parishes until damage is assessed. The hardest-hit parish, Terrebonne, asked residents to stay away until Friday.

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney skipped the Republican National Convention yesterday due to Gustav. However, Bush will reportedly speak via satellite tonight to the delegates in the first nighttime session of the convention. There are also reports that presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain may give his acceptance speech via satellite from the Gulf Coast. The RNC had a shortened session yesterday including the roll call and the approval of the party platform. First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain asked delegates and those watching the convention at home to give to the Gustav relief effort.

PRAY for those affected by Gustav.

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