Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack gets more $$$ from three Big Oil companies than McCain

Employees of three of the largest oil companies have given more campaign cash to Barack "Big Oil" Obama than John McCain. Obama received $42,100 from ExxonMobil, $35,157 from Chevron, and $16,046 from BP, for a grand total of $93,303. McCain received a combined $75,166 from the three oil firms' employees. ABC News' Jake Tapper has more here.


  1. this is a direct quote from the article, "McCain has received three times more money from the oil industry in general" thus the post title was misleading.

  2. The previous commenter did not understand the fact that I only mentioned the BIG THREE in the title, not the entire industry. It may be true that McCain received more money than Barack Obama from the ENTIRE oil industry. However, when Obama criticizes ExxonMobil and then takes more money from their employees than McCain, then there is a sense of hypocrisy in the Obama camp.