Sunday, August 31, 2008

Game Thread: Cats-Cards

The battle for the Governor's Cup is today at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium as my beloved Kentucky Wildcats meet Louisville for their football teams' season opener. It will be very interesting to see how both teams will perform after losing key players due to graduation and off-the field troubles. My prediction: UK 28, UofL 24.

Post your thoughts...GO BIG BLUE!!!!

UPDATE at 4:05pm: End of First Quarter: No score...

4:20pm: Cats score a field goal with 9:53 in the second quarter. Cats lead 3-0.
4:33pm: Cats miss field goal...but they still lead 3-0.
4:37pm: Cats score TD by Ashton Cobb...extra point good with 5:58 until halftime...10-0 CATS!!!
Halftime: Kentucky 10, Louisville 0

End of 3rd Quarter: Kentucky leads 10-0.
6:06pm: With 14:17 left in the game, Louisville comes on the board with a safety, making it 10-2.
6:28pm: With 6:37 to go, Lones Seiber scores a field goal to expand Kentucky's lead to 13-2.
6:34pm: Cats score TD and extra point to make it 20-2...Card fans are headin' to the exits!!!
6:46pm Myron Pryor scores a TD...extra point is good...Cats lead 27-2.

FINAL: Kentucky 27, Louisville 2

Morning Trio

AP: Powerful Gustav heads for US after hitting Cuba

Courier-Journal: Hurricane Gustav evacuees find refuge in Louisville

Bloomberg: Gustav May Hit Gulf Platforms Harder Than Katrina

Friday, August 29, 2008

Evening Trio

Newsweek/Washington Post: McCain's Choice Inspires Evangelicals

National Hurricane Center: Gustav becomes hurricane again

MarketWatch: Speedway Motorsports to Proceed with Kentucky Speedway Acquisition

McCain-Palin: Analyzing the ticket

As I mentioned in the flash earlier, I did not expect Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be picked by John McCain. There were denials from the Palin camp at first, but the GOP guarded the pick very well.

In an e-mail sent to supporters, McCain stated:

"Sarah Palin is a trailblazer and a reformer. As the first female governor of Alaska, she challenged a corrupt system and has been a tireless advocate for reform - passing a landmark bill on ethics reform. She has taken on the old politics in Alaska and reformed the state's energy industry. She rejects wasteful pork barrel spending. She's fearless - exactly the type of leader I want at my side and the type of leadership we will bring to Washington."

Sarah Palin is the first woman to run for VP on the GOP ticket. At 44, she is younger than Barack Obama. She and her husband have five children, including one with Down Syndrome. In her speech today, she lauded Democrats Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro for helping to break the "glass ceiling." She has strong conservative credentials: a strong stance against partial-birth abortion, pro-gun (she is an avid hunter and fisher), and a supporter of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Her selection will undoubtedly raise McCain's chances of winning the White House. She will definitely go after Democratic women who supported Hillary Clinton and will, along with the very strong pro-life, pro-family GOP platform, bring more evangelical conservatives to McCain's side.

Already, one of Obama's campaign spokesmen is criticizing and smearing Palin. The spokesman criticized her for being a former mayor of a town of 9,000 people. This is the same Obama campaign that criticized rural America for "clinging to guns and religion." However, Obama and Biden later said in a joint statement: “We send our congratulations to Governor Sarah Palin and her family on her designation as the Republican nominee for Vice President. It is yet another encouraging sign that old barriers are falling in our politics. While we obviously have differences over how best to lead this country forward, Governor Palin is an admirable person and will add a compelling new voice to this campaign.” Obama and Biden must, however, fire the spokesman who smeared Palin.

John McCain and Sarah Palin is the right ticket for America: fighting corruption, preserving America's values and standing up to our enemies. Obama and Biden is the real "more of the same" ticket: the same old pro-abortion, anti-family, pro-Big Government candidates that Democrats produced for years.


Surprise, surprise....when I was away, I thought Palin would not be it, but she is the running mate. Full post soon.

Who will it be???

John McCain has picked a running mate. It won't be Palin, Pawlenty, or Romney. Will it be Ridge, Lieberman, or a dark horse?

I will be away for part of the day. But I will have a post regarding the pick later today.


Morning Trio

Wall Street Journal: Obama Frames Campaign As Vote on Economy, Bush

Voice of America: Russia: G7 Condemnation over Georgia Shows 'Bias'

ESPN: Louisville-Kentucky game full of unknowns

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


But Drudge does not mention any names. Stay tuned...

UPDATE at 10:12pm ET: NY Times is saying that McCain will make his VP announcement Friday at 11am at a rally in Dayton, Ohio. Politico is reporting that the running mate will be notified by McCain tomorrow.


There have been reports of flooding in the Fleming-Neon area of Letcher County. Highways 805 and 317 are under water at this time in that area. A FLASH FLOOD WARNING has been issued for east-central Letcher County until 11:45 pm. Stay away from flooded roads...turn around, don't drown.

Evening Trio

Voice of America: Nearly 600 Arrested in US Immigration Raid

Channel Web: Microsoft Launches Privacy-Rich IE8 Beta 2

AP: Gustav kills 22; US Gulf Coast prepares

Afternoon Trio

UPI: Tropical Storm Gustav's rain, surf pounding Haiti

AFP: Russian, Chinese presidents discuss Georgia crisis Memorial Today For Comair Flight 5191 Victims

Morning Trio

Fox News: Roll Call Vote Will Put Clinton’s Unity Speech to the Test

WorldNetDaily: Archbishop: Democrats don't know Christianity

Knoxville News-Sentinel: Songs of Appalachia: Carrying on tradition

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Faith Under Fire: Violence in Orissa

From Gospel for Asia:

Increasing attacks on Gospel for Asia-related work in Orissa have resulted in the deaths of at least six local believers since radical mobs went on a rampage after the murder of a leading anti-Christian activist. Saturday night, Swami Laxamanananda Saraswati, a top leader of the VHP (World Hindu Council), was killed in an attack by 20 men suspected of being Maoist rebels. The Maoists had earlier warned the swami to leave the area. The attack, which included gunfire and a hand grenade, also killed four other people.

GFA President K.P. Yohannan strongly condemned the gruesome killing of Swami Laxamanananda and demanded that those who were guilty should be punished. Because the swami was a leading opponent of Christian work in India, his followers in the ultra-fundamentalist VHP have used his murder to incite hundreds of their followers to go on a rampage of death and destruction across several districts in India's Orissa state.

According to the latest reports, at least six Christians who attended GFA-related churches have been killed. The latest detailed reports list more than 15 GFA-related church buildings destroyed and at least 110 church members' homes burned to the ground. Other Christian groups have also suffered, with many deaths reported and attacks on ministers and missionaries being widespread. There are even reports of Catholic nuns being gang raped and murdered by the extremists.

Click here for the full story. PRAY for the Christians in the Indian state of Orissa.

Report: Archbishop of Washington Chides Pelosi; Denver Archbishop Warns Biden to Skip Communion

Pelosi and Biden do not realize what God's Word, which they claim to profess, says about when life begins.

Fox News: Archbishop of Washington Chides Pelosi; Denver Archbishop Warns Biden to Skip Communion

Evening Trio

AP: BREAKING: FAA says communication breakdown delaying flights

BBC: West condemns Russia over Georgia

AFP: Hurricane Gustav slams Haiti

Afternoon Trio

Wall Street Journal: A Carbon Education

Voice of America: Russian President Grants Recognition to Georgian Rebel Territories

CNN: Madrid plane crash survivor 'born again'

Morning Trio

Mission Network News: Daughter killed in Saudi Arabia for conversion to Christianity

L.A. Times: The Clinton-Obama turmoil continues in Denver; now it's Bill

Lexington Herald-Leader: Electric cars to be built in Kentucky

Monday, August 25, 2008

Evening Trio

Albert Mohler: New God or No God? The Peril of Making God Plausible

AP: Clinton, Obama working out deal for roll call vote

MarketWatch: Oil ends higher; Atlantic storm raises supply concern

Report: ESPN pays $2.25B for SEC rights

Some surprising news from Sports Business Journal:

"ESPN will pay the Southeastern Conference a staggering $2.25 billion over the next 15 years — about $150 million a year — for the conference’s TV rights, giving the network all of the SEC’s content that was not taken by CBS, industry sources confirm. The deal effectively ends any conversation of a conference network, and it knocks Raycom Sports (formerly Lincoln Financial and Jefferson Pilot) out of the SEC’s distribution business for the first time since 1986, when JP Sports began distributing SEC basketball.

"Combined with the 15-year, $55 million a year that the SEC will receive from CBS for the over-the-air package of games (Sports Business Journal, Aug. 18-24), the conference will bring in an average of $205 million annually in media rights beginning in 2009-10 and running through fiscal 2025. That’s nearly three times what the SEC had been receiving in TV revenue as part of its current deal, which runs out next spring. That amounted to around $70 million per year. SEC athletic directors met in Orlando last week to finalize the deal, which is expected to be announced later this week...ESPN’s syndication arm, ESPN Regional Television, will handle syndication to local broadcasters throughout the Southeast. It also will make regional cable packages available to cable channels, such as Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast and Fox RSNs."

For many years, millions watched the SEC through JP/Lincoln Financial/Raycom. Will any of Raycom's current broadcast affiliates continue to broadcast SEC games under the new deal? That question is yet to be answered, but this blockbuster deal, plus the pre-announced deal with CBS, will change the face of college sports broadcasting for years to come.


BREAKING: Euton and Jackson eligible to play at Scott County

From WKYT:

"The KHSAA has ruled Dakotah Euton and Chad Jackson eligible to play basketball at Scott County. The Monday morning hearing ended in a unanimous vote by the Association’s Board of Control. The outcome was what both Euton and Jackson expected. “I haven’t really been worrying about it that much at all,” said Euton. “Everything worked out just like my mom and I expected it to.” Jackson said. This vote overturns a June ruling by KHSAA Commissioner Bridget DeVries, which said Euton and Jackson were ineligible after their transfer from Rose Hill near the end of the 07-08 school year."

This is a HUGE decision that will boost Scott County's chances for a state title. Your thoughts???

Afternoon Trio

AP: Kennedy to appear, may speak at convention

Fox News: Four Dead, At Least 21 Sickened From Canadian Food-Poisoning Outbreak

Chicago Tribune: 'American Idol' adds a judge

Morning Trio

WYMT: BREAKING: Last Minute Problem Delays First Day At New Harlan County High School

AP: Do conventions matter?

AP: Steel cross installed near Flight 93 site in Pa.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Evening Trio

L.A. Times: Joe Biden got the VP call Thursday night (and never spilled the beans)

AFP: Grieving families still without news, three days after Madrid crash

Voice of America: President Bush Wants More Offshore Drilling

Who is Joe Biden?

The much-awaited text message and e-mail from Barack Obama announcing Joe Biden as his VP pick was released in the wee hours of the morning, hours ahead of schedule. The reason: the liberal mainstream media--who essentially gave Obama the nomination--were told of the pick and essentially told Obama to go ahead and send the message, which included a solicitation for donations.

What does Biden stand on the issues facing America? You can click here for a Wikipedia article on his political views. Here is a summary:

Abortion: pro-choice (100% rating from NARAL)

Marriage: Against the Federal Marriage Amendment that would only define marriage as one man and one woman.

Drilling: Opposes drilling in the Arctic.

Gun control: Wants to reinstate the ban on assault weapons. (F rating by the NRA)

Immigration: While he supports President Bush's immigration reforms and a building of a wall along the Mexican border, he supports Social Security for illegals.

Tax Cuts: Opposes the Bush tax cuts.

Social Security: Opposes privatizing of Social Security.

Iraq: Initially in favor of the war in 2003, he states now that it was a mistake to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

Middle East: Supports the "two-state" solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

Iran: Supports direct talks with its anti-Israel, anti-American leaders.

Essentially, Biden is a liberal anti-traditional family, anti-Second Amendment pro-amnesty appeaser. But what does Joe Biden say about Obama and McCain? Watch this video from the McCain campaign:

Morning Trio

Sorry for the delay of the Morning Trio. I had other things to do after the "flash" post about Biden. I will have a full analysis of the Obama-Biden ticket later. But now, the Trio:

Wall Street Journal: McCain Camp Issues Quick Response On Obama's Choice for Vice President

AP: Missile defense backers now cite Russia threat

WKYT: Kentucky Attorney General Issues Subpoenas in Gas Price Investigation


Full post and the Morning Trio soon.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Evening Trio

WorldNetDaily: Planned Parenthood promotes casual sex to kids on website

L.A. Times: Obama V.P. drama intensifies Blogger's note: I will post a "flash" bulletin as soon as the pick is announced. I will have a full post about the pick (and the consequences) afterwards.

UPI: Hoax Bigfoot was filled with roadkill

Afternoon Trio

AP: Signs of pullback by Russian forces in Georgia

Voice of America: Negotiators Say US Troops to Leave Iraq by 2011

Lexington Herald-Leader: 3 private schools get best rankings

Morning Trio

AP: Fay bedevils Florida for fifth weary day

AP: Feds: Fire took down building next to twin towers

NY Times: IOC Asks for Inquiry of Chinese Gymnasts

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Evening Trio

Evangelical Covenant Church: Wish Granted: Eleven-Year-Old Reaches Out in Appalachia

Lexington Herald-Leader: UK reveals plan for new, expanded stadiums

ESPN: Beijing closing ceremony features cast of 7,000

Afternoon Trio

Voice of America: Russia Sets Firm Troop Withdrawal Date, Georgia Skeptical

BBC: World heading towards cooler 2008

WKYT: Quarterback Morgan Newton To Play At UK

Report: Curtis Pulley to Florida A&M

Chris Diggs is reporting on his blog that ex-UK quarterback Curtis Pulley is going to Florida A&M.

Also, some big recruiting news for UK football. I will post more about that in my Afternoon Trio shortly.

BREAKING: One wounded in Knoxville school shooting

From the Knoxville News-Sentinel (click on link for updates):

"Knoxville police are investigating a shooting at Central High School this morning. The shooting was reported about 8:10 a.m. in the school cafeteria. Initial reports were that one student shot another after taking a gun from his backpack. He then walked out of the school at 5321 Jacksboro Pike.

"He was taken into custody about 8;20 a.m. in the 800 block of Doughty Drive, according to Knox County Sheriff's Office Capt. Mike Duncan. Residents in the neighborhood said the suspect was just walking down the street when he was arrested about three blocks from the school. The Sheriff's Office has blocked Essary Road in front of the school.

"The school is in lockdown, but officials are preparing to let parents come to pick up their children, Duncan said. Parents are driving around a perimeter established by law enforcement, waiting until access to the school is restored. Residents are in their yards, sidewalks and in the street immediately surrounding the school."

PRAY for the victim and the students of Central High in Knoxville.

UPDATE at 11:14am ET: The victim of the shooting has since died. Reports indicate that the shooter knew the victim. PRAY for the victim's family, friends, and classmates.

Outrage of the Day: Same-sex "wedding" cards

And you thought Hallmark stood for all-American, family values??? - Hallmark Begins Selling Same-Sex Wedding Cards

Morning Trio

Voice of America: Authorities Investigate Cause of Deadly Spanish Airline Crash

Wall Steet Journal: Bid to Reconsider Drinking Age Taps Unlikely Supporters

Lexington Herald-Leader: Two Eastern Kentucky jailers sued over medical care

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Onion smears Appalachia

The Onion, a satirical news site, has smeared Appalachia by talking about Barack Obama's alleged "hillbilly half-brother," Cooter Obama, living in Booneville, in Owsley County, Kentucky. (Hat tip: Cyberhillbilly)

The stereotypes are so bad that I do not want to repeat them on this blog, but you can see the so-called satire by going here. While we had problems here in Appalachia over the years, the people and region of Appalachia have been blessed by God. Stereotyping a blessed people is a sin.

Your thoughts???

Bill Maher Smearing Christianity Again

Bill Maher is again using the media to push his anti-Christian views. From the Culture and Media Institute:

It’s no secret that Bill Maher, the host of the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, loathes religion. He came under fire earlier this year for slandering Pope Benedict XVI. On Tuesday night, CNN’s Larry King gave Maher another chance to smack Christianity, which Maher called “detrimental” and “the ultimate hustle.”

Maher was on Larry King Live to promote his latest vehicle, the film Religulous, which is due to open October 3. Religulous, which reportedly takes aim at all religions, was supposed to be released around Easter of this year. It had been called a documentary previously but Maher is now selling it as a comedy. Larry King opened his interview with Maher by praising the movie but noted that it will offend people.

KING: OK. It's no secret that you deal with religion a lot. And you have a new movie coming called Religulous. I saw that movie. It's really well done. Now, it will offend -- I think it will offend the deeply religious people. Those on the border -- certainly, agnostics are going to love it. Atheists are going to love it. But there's a lot of open religious people who would just appreciate it as a very funny movie.

MAHER: Right. You don't have to agree with it, I think, to laugh.

Maher loves to laugh at religion and religious believers, especially Christians. In his one-hour interview with King, in which he talked about politics and religion, he commented repeatedly on the recent presidential forum hosted by evangelical pastor Rick Warren on August 16.

MAHER: … certainly in political life (religion has) had a terribly detrimental effect. I mean, did you see the Rick Warren thing?

KING: Sure. And we had him on last night.

MAHER: Yes, right. And by the way, let me just preface this by saying I'm asking people for perspective. I have it also. Rick Warren, big improvement over Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. If we have to have a pope of the super Christ-ies, I'd rather it be him. He's got good ideas about actually, you know -- actually helping people. Because you know, one thing I don't like about religion is that, you know, ask any of the truly devout. It's not mainly about doing the right thing or being ethical. It's mainly about salvation. It's mainly about getting your butt saved when you die. And that's why I think they're less moral than ethicists.

Click here to read the full article by Kristen Fyfe of the Culture and Media Institute. Bill Maher is the host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. Both HBO and CNN, home of Larry King Live, are owned by Time Warner. When will Big Media (aka mainstream media, or MSM) realize the fact that the foundations of America are based on the Word of God? I usually do not give stock advice on this blog, but if you own Time Warner stock, I advise you to sell it NOW as a protest vote against the forces who are smearing Christianity.

Post your thoughts...keep it clean and civil as always.

Evening Trio

Wall Street Journal: U.S., Poland Sign Missile-Defense Deal

Washington Post: Lieberman to Speak at GOP Convention

AP: Like lightning, Bolt sets record in Olympic 200m

Afternoon Trio

BBC: BREAKING: 'Many dead' in Madrid plane crash

Courier-Journal: Former Kentucky emergency director admitted allegations, resigned

WKYT: Appalachian Artisan Center Shares Arts, Awareness To The Mountains

Morning Trio

Franklin Graham: New movie on Billy Graham "lacks my father’s greatest passion"

AP: 'Boomerang' Fay gains strength over Florida

Lexington Herald-Leader: No Kentucky Speedway on Sprint Cup schedule

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Low will MSNBC Go???

MSNBC has given leftist Air America radio host Rachel Maddow her own prime time show, right after fellow leftist Keith Olbermann. NewsBusters has more:

"NBC News has responded to John McCain's protest concerning biased election coverage by giving one of the most left-leaning members of the media -- a host from the ultra-liberal radio network Air America -- her own prime time program on MSNBC. Honestly, how much further to the left can this network go?... Believe it or not -- and as disgusting as it might seem to folks wondering if there's a such thing as impartial journalism anymore! -- MSNBC isn't trying to hide this move as a further shift to [the] left..."

The New York Times states:

"MSNBC has put heavy emphasis this year on presidential election coverage (it has given itself the tag line, “The Place for Politics”) and has turned to Ms. Maddow frequently both as a guest and as a substitute for the network’s most popular host, Keith Olbermann. Mr. Olbermann’s emergence as the signature personality on the network has led to an unofficial rebranding of MSNBC as the liberal alternative to Fox News, which is dominated by conservative hosts like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. MSNBC has been known to be seeking a way to capitalize to a greater degree on Mr. Olbermann’s popularity. A program hosted by Ms. Maddow will almost certainly be a closer ideological fit with Mr. Olbermann’s."

As I have mentioned time and again in this blog, in order for the Old Media (aka mainstream media, or MSM) to survive they must have both pure balance and a relevancy to younger audiences. MSNBC, owned by Old Media firm NBC Universal, a subsidiary of GE, is flunking the balance test. No wonder why more and more people are turning to Fox News, blogs, and other New Media sources for their news. I'm just glad I do not have MSNBC on my cable company's lineup.

Post your thoughts...keep it clean and civil.

Evening Trio

OneNewsNow: Evangelist Todd Bentley stepping down after "unhealthy relationship" with female staffer

BBC News: Russia hits back at NATO warning

Lexington Herald-Leader: Jury hits Ragland with $63.4 million verdict

Reds send open letter to fans

As a subscriber to the Cincinnati Reds e-mail list, I get e-newsletters. But today I received this "open letter" to all Reds fans from Reds management. After reading this letter, post your thoughts in the comments section:

Dear Fans,

Thank you for your loyalty and support of the Cincinnati Reds. You are extremely vital to the success of the Reds, and it is important we share with you the thinking behind our recent personnel decisions.

Since taking ownership of this franchise, we have aggressively tried to improve our Major League roster for the purpose of restoring championship baseball to Cincinnati. We have sought and signed proven players. We have extended the contracts of select current players. We added Dusty Baker, a proven winning manager. And, we have capitalized on our burgeoning younger players like Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Johnny Cueto.

We had high expectations for the 2008 season. Unfortunately the team has not played up to our expectations and we have sustained injuries to key players within our starting lineup and rotation.

We opted to trade Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn at this time because we believe it provided the best outcome for the long-term success of the organization. By executing these inevitable changes now, we secured more players as part of our focus towards building a deeper, stronger inventory of young talent.

We are pleased that the trades allow Griffey and Dunn the opportunity to play for teams in tight division races. Both Ken and Adam made significant contributions to the Reds and we are extremely proud and grateful they wore the Reds uniform.

While the run production generated by these two veterans will not be quickly replaced, we chose to endure the short-term ramifications for the sake of building a strong, competitive team for 2009 and many seasons to come.

The vast majority of our 50 draft picks were signed, culminating last week with first-rounder Yonder Alonso and a pair of talented pitchers. Our expanded scouting operations also signed Juan Duran from the Dominican Republic and Yorman Rodriguez from Venezuela, who are arguably the best amateur free agent position players from their respective countries.

As we near September, we will continue to provide valuable playing time to our young players and new acquisitions who we feel can become significant contributors at the Major League level. We ask your continued trust and patience as we build the roster that will get us back on top. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the ballpark.


Bob Castellini
President and CEO

Walt Jocketty
President of Baseball Operations & GM

Afternoon Trio

NewsBusters: Media Credibility Plummets, 'Most Trusted' CNN Believed by Just 30%

Voice of America: NATO Warns Russia to Adhere to Agreement, Remove Troops From Georgia FCC Plans DTV Push; Spectrum Questions Persist

Morning Trio

Voice of America: US Base Attacked in Afghanistan, 10 French Troops Killed Elsewhere

Bloomberg: Tropical Storm Fay Slams Into Florida's Cape Romano

AP: Ky. sheriff picks up wrong man in Calif.

Monday, August 18, 2008

BREAKING: Drudge: Obama VP announcement tomorrow???

From the Drudge Report:

"The NYT (New York Times) newsroom was buzzing late Monday afternoon after Obama-beat reporter Jeff Zeleny learned how the Dem hopeful has now finalized his choice for a running-mate. Obama has set out an elaborate roll-out to announce his decision that will begin with an early morning e-mail to supporters, perhaps as early as Tuesday, Zeleny and Adam Nagourney have been told. Is it Nunn? Is it Kaine? Is Hillary there? What about Kerry? Developing... all night [week?] long."

It will be a VERY interesting week. Your thoughts???

UPDATE at 7:57pm ET: NY Times is reporting that the announcement will be as early as Wednesday, not Tuesday as Drudge reported. Click here to read the NY Times article.

UPDATE at 10:01pm ET: Fox News is reporting that John McCain will announce his running mate on Friday, August 29 (the day after the Democratic convention) in Dayton, OH.

Evening Trio

Fox News: Defense Official: Russia Has Short Range Missiles in South Ossetia

Florida Baptist Witness: Florida Baptists prepare for Tropical Storm Fay

MarketWatch: Oil lower easing storm threat, sluggish demand

Afternoon Trio

AP: Tropical Storm Fay moves in on Florida Keys

Bloomberg: Russia Says Troops Pulling Back, Georgia Denies Claim

Fox News: Conservatives Slam Obama's Answer About Supreme Court Justices at Saddleback Forum

Report: China Confiscates Bibles From American Christians

More proof that China does not care about human rights: China Confiscates Bibles From American Christians

Morning Trio

Voice of America: Pakistan's Musharraf Announces Resignation

AP: Tropical Storm Fay moves in on Florida Keys

AP: Jockey Club calls for Kentucky Derby field study

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Study: TV remains top news source; online news continues to make gains

From the AP via Fox News:

Fewer Americans are reading newspapers and are instead getting their news online, but television remains the leading source of news in the country, according to a survey released Sunday.

Not surprisingly, younger people tend to get more of their news on the Internet, while older folks use traditional media such as television and newspapers, the Pew Research Center's biannual survey on news consumption habits said. Pew said the results show an increasing shift toward online news consumption, but that there is now a sizable group of a more engaged, sophisticated and well-off people that use both traditional and online sources to get their news.

The Pew researchers referred to these people as "integrators," and says they account for 23 percent of those surveyed, spending the most time with the news on a typical day. "Like Web-oriented news consumers, integrators are affluent and highly educated. However they are older, on average, than those who consider the Internet their main source of news," the survey said. It is this group that advertisers typically like to target, which helps explain why newspaper publishers have seen sharp declines in ad revenues as spending shifts online.

Click here to read the full AP story at Click here to read the Pew study. I believe that newspapers and network evening newscasts will continue their steady decline for the next few years unless they show pure balance and a relevancy toward younger readers and viewers.

Evening Trio

Chicago Tribune: Tropical Storm Fay lashes Cuba, leaves 5 dead

Voice of America: France Says Russia to Begin Troop Pullout From Georgia Monday

Bleacher Report: Will Kentucky Football Repeat the Excitement of 2007? (Editor's note: Despite QB Curtis Pulley's dismissal from the team, I still believe UK will be bowl-eligible this year.)

Morning Trio

AP: Phelps wins 8th gold medal; breaks tie with Spitz

Dallas Morning News: Editorial: China lies about religious freedom

AP: Hurricane watch issued for parts of Florida

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Evening Trio

Fox News: Church forum to take presidential candidates off talking points

AP: Fla. gov. declares emergency as storm approaches

UPI: Olympic stabbing victim back in U.S.

BREAKING: Rebels Backed By Russian Forces Seize Georgian Villages

Looks like the Russian bear is ignoring the cease-fire:

Sky News: Rebels Backed By Russian Forces Seize Georgian Villages

PRAY for the people of the Republic of Georgia.

Morning Trio

Voice of America: Bush Says Russia Must End Crisis in Georgia (UPDATE at 7:06am: Reports state that Russia did sign the Georgian cease-fire plan. We'll see if Russia keep its word.)

AP: Video, timing systems confirm Phelps' 7th gold

Lexington Herald-Leader: Convicted former Perry County official seeks elected post

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Evening Trio

Courier-Journal: BREAKING: Ford reverses plan to cut Kentucky Truck shift

Fox News: Clinton's name to be placed in nomination at convention

AP: Russia wins concesssions in Georgia truce

CBS, SEC sign 15-year football contract

CBS and the SEC announced a "blockbuster" 15-year contract extension to broadcast SEC football, including a game of the week and the SEC football championship. This is HUGE news for SEC fans and a boon for CBS.
Rick Bozich of The Courier-Journal has the full text of the press release here.

Afternoon Trio

Fox News: Russia Invasion of Georgia Sparks New Cold War Rhetoric

MarketWatch: Wal-Mart net climbs 17%; company ups 2008 goal

Sports Network: Blake ousts Federer from Olympics

Report: Evangelist Todd Bentley, Wife File for Separation

From The Ledger, Lakeland, FL:

"Evangelist Todd Bentley, who led a Pentecostal revival in Lakeland from a modest beginning to near-historic proportions, has filed for separation from his wife, a former spokesperson said Monday, and will not return to the ongoing revival.

"Lynne Breidenbach, a local woman who had been a media liaison for Bentley during the months-long Florida Outpouring Revival, told The Ledger that Bentley announced to his staff Monday afternoon that he and his wife, Shonnah, had separated. The Bentleys have two daughters and a son, and are Canadian citizens. Under Canadian law, separation is a preliminary step in divorce proceedings, lasting nine months. Breidenbach, who resigned as revival spokesperson Monday, called the news of the separation "very sad." "God uses fallen, flawed people. ... This doesn't invalidate what Todd did," she said.

"The revival began April 2 at Ignited Church in Lakeland. Bentley announced two weeks ago that he would end his regular appearances at the revival on Aug. 23 to resume his traveling evangelistic work, but he was scheduled to lead services next week. The Rev. Stephen Strader, pastor of Ignited Church, said Tuesday that he was informed three weeks ago that Bentley and his wife had been undergoing marriage counseling for a few years...Bentley's Fresh Fire Ministries Web site indicates that a September appearance by Bentley in England has been postponed. Phone calls to Fresh Fire Ministries in Abbotsford, British Columbia, were not returned Tuesday."

Click here to read the full article. Many evangelicals, including myself, have been skeptical from day one about this "revival" and its purported "healings." Bentley was seen on tape kneeing someone who wanted to be healed. That is not an example of "pure religion" mentioned in James 1:27 in the New Testament.

Your thoughts???

Morning Trio

AP: Georgia: Russians move into Gori, explosions heard

BBC: Lebanon, Syria to demarcate border

WorldNetDaily: The stench of 'Black Theology'

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Times of London (UK): Medvedev is Putin's puppet

A commentary from the Times of London's Bronwen Maddox:

The body language said it all. Dmitri Medvedev, Russia’s so-called President, meeting the French President in Moscow yesterday, looked tense and subdued, a pale face above a dead-white shirt, sitting cramped in one of the Kremlin’s gilt chairs as Nicolas Sarkozy took up the airspace with expansive hand gestures. In contrast, Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister (the role he chose when appointing Medvedev as his successor), has been relaxed, leaning back in his chair, using long answers to shut out other speakers in chairing his Cabinet and in public appearances.

The past five days have answered the puzzle of who is running Russia. Putin is clearly in charge; Medvedev has seemed like his puppet. Putin flew from the Olympic Games to the border of South Ossetia, an action man dashing in to comfort terrified civilians. Medvedev has been confined to the Kremlin.

“I have taken the decision to end the operation to force the Georgian authorities into peace,” Medvedev was quoted as saying yesterday. At best (for Medvedev’s cause), he was offering the softer side of Russia, the conciliatory President to Putin’s hardline Prime Minister. But it is hard to see any signs of his independent action in Russia’s retaliation, so heavily flavoured with Putin’s old obsessions.

It is Putin who has believed that the dismemberment of the Soviet Union is a profound humilation, but perhaps only a temporary disaster that might one day – under a strong enough leader – be reversed. He has loathed the Georgian President since the two met in 2004. He made the crushing of Chechen separatists his own mission. And he found the recent Western rebuff to Russian wishes over Kosovo enraging.

Click here for the full article. Russia's bear continues to rear its ugly head.

Evening Trio

WorldNetDaily: Israel adopts U.S. plan to split country

Lexington Herald-Leader: More drug abuse, less treatment in Eastern Kentucky

Appalachian News-Express: High hopes for Big Shoal; Congressman tours proposed coal-to-liquid site in Pike County

BREAKNG: Bank Robbery in Pike County

Around $3,900 was taken in a robbery at the Town Mountain branch of Community Trust Bank in Pike County.


EKB News: Pikeville Bank Robbed

Update on Wednesday at 12:35pm ET: WLEX is reporting that two people have been arrested with that robbery as well as a similar robbery at Community Trust in Middlesboro.

BREAKING: Samuel Simpson Commits To UK

From WKYT:

"Henry Clay center Samuel Simpson gave Kentucky a verbal commitment Monday afternoon. Simpson, the son of Henry Clay coach Sam Simpson picked the Cats over Vanderbilt and Virginia. Simpson is one of the top rated centers in the country. He said he picked the Cats because they have the best fans and he wanted to play in the best conference in the country. Simpson also visited Alabama and Tennessee."

This is HUGE news for the Wildcats. Your thoughts???

Afternoon Trio Americans Trust John McCain More Than Barack Obama on Abortion

Appalachian News-Express: UMG, utility operator in Pike County, comes under FBI scrutiny in Lawson investigation

Digital Trends: Twelve Fixes Coming For Patch Tuesday

BREAKING: Report: Russia strikes civilian targets in Georgia again

From Sky News:

Russian jets are bombing civilian targets in Georgia despite Moscow's announcement that the war has ended, the acting Georgian ambassador to Britain has told Sky News. Georgei Badridze said that Russian bombers had hit targets including a hospital in the town of Gori, villages away from the combat zone and a minibus carrying civilians. He said the strikes had been carried out after the announcement by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that the military offensive to protect South Ossetia had been called off. "We're talking about strikes from helicopter gunships which could not have mistaken these places for anything else," he said. "If their plan to totally destroy Georgian statehood fails at this stage, they (want to) make us bleed economically."...Sky News' Andrew Wilson, speaking from the Georgian town of Poti, said that it was possible that orders were taking a long time to pass down the chain of command.

Click here to read the full story.

Morning Trio

AP: Russia's Medvedev halts military action in Georgia

NewsBusters: Soldier-Spurning, Christian-Mocking Columnist Signs Up Grandma for Obama

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Kentucky eyes Henry County (GA)QB Little

Monday, August 11, 2008

Evening Trio

The Guardian (UK): State Department evacuates 170 Americans from Georgia

Dallas Morning News: Christianity taking root in the new China

The Australian: Kentucky kid Tyson Gay on fast track

BREAKING: Reds trade Adam Dunn to D-Backs


"The Diamondbacks have acquired a big bat for the pennant race. Arizona claimed Reds left fielder Adam Dunn — currently tied for the major-league lead in home runs — on waivers and a deal was consummated just before the 48-hour window expired Monday, according to major-league sources...Dunn was hitting .233 with 32 home runs and 74 RBIs for the Reds this season."

This is, in my opinion, another blow to the struggling Reds in a horrible season. But it could help the D-Backs in their hopes for a pennant. Your thoughts?

Afternoon Trio

ABC News: Is John Edwards Still Lying?

Voice of America: Diplomatic Efforts Stepped Up as Georgia, Russia Refuse to Back Down

Chicago Tribune: Chicago 2016 studies China's security plan as it makes its own

Morning Trio

AP: General: Russia won't move deeper into Georgia

Voice of America: Muslim Separatists Blamed For Blasts In China's Far Western Xinjian Region

AP: Chinese Christian activist still missing after detention

Friday, August 8, 2008

Christian Broadcasters Nervous about Fairness Doctrine

Let's hope and pray that the Fairness Doctrine is not would be the end of Christian broadcasting and talk radio as we know it. Christian Broadcasters Nervous about Fairness Doctrine

Evening Trio

Fox News: Christianity Gaining Popularity in China

Voice of America: Aides say Pakistan's Musharraf Will Fight Impeachment

Fox Business: Dow Soars 300, Cashes in on Dollar

Victory for homeschooling

Some good news: the 2nd District Court of Appeals in California reverses its decision on homeschooling.

Parents may home-school children without teaching credential, California court says - Los Angeles Times

BREAKING; Edwards Admits to Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate

John Edwards, the former Democratic senator and presidential candidate, admitted to an extramarital affair with a filmmaker, Rielle Hunter, but denies he is the father of Hunter's baby.

ABC News: Edwards Admits to Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate

Division I schools interested in Hazard's Josh Whitaker

From Jody Demling's recruiting blog:

"Another junior from the Eastern Kentucky area - Hazard point guard Josh Whitaker - is already hearing some interest from several Division I colleges. The 5-foot-10 Whitaker played for the Derek Smith All-Stars 16s team this spring and summer and gained some exposure.

"As a sophomore, Whitaker averaged 15.4 points and helped Hazard into the boys' Sweet 16 tournament. Whitaker said he has already received a few looks from colleges, including Eastern Kentucky University and Air Force. "I gave it everything I had (this summer) and I made the team better, which is what a point guard is supposed to do," Whitaker said. "It's helped me be a better player. I won't see quickness and athletic ability like that in Eastern Kentucky." "


Report: Pro-Obama Group Threatens Republican Donors


A new left-wing organization that wants to help elect Barack Obama president is sending letters to nearly 10,000 major donors who contribute to Republican causes, threatening them with potential legal problems if they finance conservative groups. The nonprofit organization, Accountable America, is even offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the criminal conviction or fines of at least $10,000 for violations of campaign finance laws or other statutes by a conservative group, according to The New York Times.

Accountable America is led by Tom Matzzie, former Washington director of the liberal activist group, and its research director is Judd Legum, who served that role in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Matzzie called the organization’s effort “going for the jugular.” He told The Times, "We want to stop the Swift Boating before it gets off the ground.” The warning letter being sent to potential donors “is intended as a first step, alerting donors who might be considering giving to right-wing groups to a variety of potential dangers, including legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives,” The Times reports.

Click here to read the rest.

Afternoon Trio

AP: US urges end to Georgia fighting

AP: Incumbent NE Tenn. congressman loses primary

Appalachian News-Express: Suit filed over 2005 Pike County plane crash

2008 Olympics: Opening Ceremony underway in Beijing

Photo of the Opening Ceremony from AP

The opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics is underway in Beijing. NBC will air the ceremony on a delayed basis at 7:30pm ET. Therefore, there is no live video stream of the ceremony here in the US. Other broadcasters around the world has live coverage. If you want to view a live blog (no video) on the ceremony, the BBC has one here.

Your thoughts on the ceremony???

Morning Trio

Fox News: BREAKING: Bus Careens Off Overpass in North Texas, Killing at Least 13

Wall Street Journal: Want More Growth in China? Have Faith

L.A. Times: John McCain returns some California donors' money

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack gets more $$$ from three Big Oil companies than McCain

Employees of three of the largest oil companies have given more campaign cash to Barack "Big Oil" Obama than John McCain. Obama received $42,100 from ExxonMobil, $35,157 from Chevron, and $16,046 from BP, for a grand total of $93,303. McCain received a combined $75,166 from the three oil firms' employees. ABC News' Jake Tapper has more here.

Report: CBS' Big Brother Airs Profanity During Prime Time

From CitizenLink:

The Parents Television Council (PTC) criticized CBS for allowing profanity onto this week's Big Brother 10, which airs during prime time. “There is absolutely no justification for allowing an ‘F-word’ like this to air unedited on prime-time broadcast television," PTC President Tim Winter said in a news release. "There can be no question that this was an intentional act on the part of the network; someone actually had to edit the scene with the word into the show."

Last year, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that television networks essentially can air profanity at any time of day. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case in November. "Last week, CBS said they wanted indecency laws overturned, and today we found out why," Winters said. "Based on their behavior, it would appear they feel the law no longer applies to them, anyway."

Your thoughts???

Newsmax: Obama’s Muslim Connection Won’t Go Away


Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s ties to Islam is a story line that is not going away, according to a recent analysis by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. “Rumors that Barack Obama was a secret Muslim whose patriotism was questionable first appeared on blogs and in e-mail messages,” PJE noted. “In March, the rumors began to show up in the press, though only minimally.”

PJE’s News Coverage Index found that media reports about these rumors accounted for 0.4 percent of the “campaign newshole” from mid-March to mid-April. But coverage has steadily increased since then, and accounted for 3.8 percent of the campaign news from mid-June to mid-July.

Obama has denied he is a Muslim or ever was a practicing Muslim. The basis of the “rumor” germinates with Obama’s father, who was a Muslim, though Obama claims he was non-practicing. Adding to the mix is Obama’s full name, Barack Hussein Obama, which is an Arabic name.

Click here for the full article. Post your comments...and keep it clean and civil.

Evening Trio

Baptist Press: At Olympics, believers carry hope onto Beijing streets

Compass Direct: Pakistani Christian murdered in "honor killing"

Sports Network: Karlsson and Jeev Milkha Singh share early PGA lead

Developing: Chinese Islamic Group Threatens Attack at Beijing Olympics - 2008 Summer Olympics

Let's hope and pray the Games are safe. Pray for the athletes and visitors at the Games...and for China's Christians as well. - Chinese Islamic Group Threatens Attack at Beijing Olympics

Afternoon Trio

Voice of America: Bush Arrives in China for Olympics After Criticizing Human Rights Record

Fox News: Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Ordered Jailed for Bond Violation

Southwest Virginia Today: Instrument maker builds on music of Appalachia

Morning Trio

Wall Street Journal: Possible McCain Running Mate Pawlenty Offers Ideas for Reforming Republicans

AP: Trial to begin in suit against Joel Osteen's wife

Sports Network: Favre traded to Jets

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Evening Trio

WorldNetDaily: 'Miracle': Strangers bring drowned girl back to life

AP: Pope Benedict tells China: open up to Christianity

AP: Favre leaves Lambeau Field before Packers practice

Afternoon Trio

AP: Strong earthquake hits western China; 1 killed

International Herald-Tribune: Last Ethiopian immigrants to Israel arrive

WYMT: Pikeville Medical Center is Making Cutbacks

BREAKING: QB Curtis Pulley dismissed from UK football team

University of Kentucky football coach Rich Brooks has dismissed quarterback Curtis Pulley from the football team for a violation of team rules. Pulley has been in legal trouble recently.

According to the Courier-Journal, Brooks stated that there was "a little bit more to it than I was aware of at the time." Brooks did not mention the specifics of the rules violation. He stated that he is "sure [Pulley] will transfer" and that his best chance of getting back to football will be at a Division I-AA school.

How will this affect the team this season? Post your comments.

Morning Trio

Bloomberg: Oil Falls to $118 as Storm Danger Abates, Demand Concern Grows

BBC: Russia pays Solzhenitsyn respects

AP: Trainer Nafzger, jockey Prado enter Racing Hall of Fame

Monday, August 4, 2008

Evening Trio

Marsha West: Televangelists snicker all the way to the bank

AP: Actor Morgan Freeman is injured in car accident

Lexington Herald-Leader: WKYT-27 takes news ratings lead

Robert Novak retires after "dire" diagnosis

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

"Robert Novak has announced his immediate retirement following the diagnosis of a brain tumor, a prognosis the Sun-Times' political columnist describes as "dire." "The details are being worked out with the doctors this week, but the tentative plan is for radiation and chemotherapy," Novak said. The Evans-Novak column was first distributed by Publishers Newspaper Syndicate on May 15, 1963, with the New York Herald-Tribune, the flagship newspaper. When the Herald-Tribune folded in 1966, the Chicago Sun-Times became their home newspaper."

PRAY for Robert Novak.

Morning Trio

Developing: Power outage in Letcher County overnight affected many residents, including this blogger. The cause of the outage is unknown. I do have power at this time, however, 101 customers still are without power. Click here to see the outage map from Kentucky Power.

AP: Tropical Storm Edouard gaining speed over Gulf

Wall Street Journal: Bush Aims to Pull Off Balancing Act on Asian Trip

Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Memoriam: Skip Caray

Skip Caray, voice of the Atlanta Braves for 33 years, passed away in his sleep today. He was 68. He was the son of legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray, who died ten years ago, and the father of Chip Caray, who is also an announcer on the Braves radio network. ESPN has more here.
My prayers go to his family.

Evening Trio

Newsmax: Franklin Graham Visits North Korea

Financial Times: NBC aims for marathon Olympics Favre will be officially reinstated on Monday

Morning Trio

BBC: Qantas faces special safety probe

AP: Christina Applegate has breast cancer Griffey thanks Reds fans in goodbye letter