Thursday, July 10, 2008

BREAKING: Another Democrat, another sweetheart deal

The New York Times is reporting that Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-New York, pictured above) has rented four apartments at bargain-basement prices. Three are residential ones, the other is for his re-election campaign. Rangel "paid a total rent of $3,894 monthly in 2007 for the four apartments at Lenox Terrace, a 1,700-unit, six-tower luxury development with doormen that is described in real estate publications as Harlem’s most prestigious address." However, the market-rate rent for similar apartments goes for $7,465 to $8,125 a month. Here is the kicker: one of the four apartments is a campaign office, which goes against state and city regulations that reserves rent-stabilized apartments for residents. Rangel, who is billed as a champion of the poor, has a net worth of $566,000 to $1.2 million.
Click here for more about this developing scandal. This is more proof that the Democrats are more interested in getting sweetheart deals rather than securing America from threats such as Iran.

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