Thursday, April 24, 2008

Newsday: Larry King not guaranteed 9pm slot; Slate: CBS should shutter its news division

The rumor mill continues: "The TV Zone" blog at Newsday is reporting that while Larry King has a two-year contract extension, his 9pm ET slot is not guaranteed. That means that Katie Couric could still take the slot if she is no longer at CBS. Last week, the CBS Evening News had its worst ratings of the Couric era. In fact, Katie's old stomping grounds, the "Today" show on NBC, had ratings higher than the CBS Evening News. has an article by columnist Troy Patterson titled "Dead Air: Why CBS should shutter its news division." While it is an interesting read, I believe that CBS can do two things:

  • CBS must have news coverage on par with Fox News Channel. Fox has better balance in its news.
  • CBS should target younger viewers. This includes expanding its online reach and a better marketing strategy.

If CBS (and the other two network news divisions) do those two things, then the evening news would be relevant. If not, then I believe we will see the end of network news as we know it.

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